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The Angel Experiment

Welcome to the world of The Angel Experiment, where the beautiful can Guard you or Tempt you...

Seo Juhyun has ruined it for herself. She's cast out of the order, banished to Earth and stripped of her memories. There she is taken under the wings of eight girls who shelter and protect her, but she is alone at her new school and vulnerable to the danger of this new world which would take every opportunity to corrupt her. Danger and temptation comes in the form of Jung Yonghwa, a loner on the wrong side of the tracks who has nothing to lose but everything to hide, and the newly named Seohyun can do very little to resist.

Falling to temptation has never been this sinful.

Pairings: Main couples of Yonghwa/Seohyun, TeukTae, HyoHyuk, HaeSica and SiFany. But there is JeTi, YoonYul, HyoYoung and SunYeon if you squint :)

Rating: PG 13 for some strong adult themes, but no sexy times. For now.

The Cast: Principal characters of Girls' Generation and some Super Junior members, but expect appearances of various other Kpop people, including but not limited to 2AM, Beast, Rain, Kara etc.

Author's Note: A pet project of mine that has been brewing for a while which I am now unleashing on the world! I would love to know what you all think of it, so no silent reading please, and feel free to constructively critcize!


[[The Prologue]]   [[Chapter 1]]   [[Chapter 2]]


Five ways she loves him. (And five denials.)

Rating: PG

Genre: Fluffy enough to make a sponge cake.

A/N: A cutesy, fluffy, romantic little project of mine :) A series of short drabble-esque fanfic with musings on love and it's undeniability.

In Progress: Nichkhun/Victoria, Jokwon/Gain, Eunhyuk/Hyoyeon


[[Yonghwa/Seohyun]]   [[Donghae/Jessica]]  

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother

He ain't heavy, mister.

With the sheer amount of people in Super Junior, it is only logical that some are better friends than others. The pairs are clear and established, the amount of fanservice that occurs is breathtaking. But at the root of all the relationships, from the undeniable to the awkward, is the one that binds them all together. The one that gives them all shoulders to cry on, backs to shield them, arms to cling to and hands that will drag them out of any abyss.

He's my brother.


Author's Note: This series is another baby of mine that
was inspired by this article. It broke my heart and mended it all at once, and just really got me to thinking. How amazing it must be to have a family that large filled with people who would gladly face the world with you and for you when you can't do it yourself. So the series started with Heechul's story, and as of right now (29 May 2010) I have one planned for Zhoumi and Sungmin too (bias what bias I don't see a bias where) and we'll see where I'll end up :) No promises though!


Heechul, 26 May 2010

Length: Two-shot

Pairings: Implied HanChul, KyuMin and EunHae but only if you squint.

Genre: Angst, Comfort

Rating: PG

Summary: When Hankyung leaves, Heechul falls into a depression that appears to have no end. They show him the light.

[[Part 1]]   [[Part 2]]

Girls' Generation and I go way back. It was through the nine gorgeous girls and their infectious melodies that I became a dedicated Kpop fangirl, a fandom which I've been involved in for close to four years now. Though I am now a die hard fan of all sorts of groups, Girls' Generation was my first love and my heart will always have a special place for those nine angels. So you can imagine how I felt when I heard a rumour floating around the internet back in October 2011 of a Hong Kong concert for their second Asia tour. A group of my friends and I were already exploding into a big puddle of overjoyed fangirl/fanboy goo. Our girls, in our town! It was too good to be true!

A couple of weeks later the rumour became confirmed and the date was set for the 15th of January 2012. A date which only one of us – that one being me – could make. University beckoned for my friends, pulling them off to every place in the world that was not Hong Kong. I would be the only one in town for the concert. Could I even contemplate going alone? Did I have the nerve to turn up solo and scream like an idiot on my own?

For the girls, yes I did.

But what about my friends? My group of S♥NEs that I had karaoke-d Girls' Generation songs with, screamed over videos with, danced Genie in public with? It was through no fault of their own that they couldn't make it to the concert. And I know that one fanboy in particular was considering blowing off the first two weeks of university to go to the concert, and was absolutely gutted that he couldn't make it.

So I thought I would bring the concert to them in the only way I could.

I present to you my project – Jigemun SoNyeoShiDae! It consists of this fan account right here, as well as several videos I took. The videos document the before, the during and the after of the concert, nine videos in total. The videos were filmed with both my iPod Touch as well as my Nikon J1 with a telephoto lens attached. As I was very excited and I'm really quite crazy anyway, the videos are shaky, all over the place and for the most part incomplete. There is a lot of screaming, squealing, singing and other such noises throughout, especially in the concert fancams. I'm truly sorry that the videos aren't of better quality. I hope you enjoy them anyway despite my mediocre filming skills.

Warning: Jigemun SoNyeoShiDae! is a PG project – I cut out a lot, not all, of the swearing (who knew I had such a filthy mouth when I'm excited) but I do talk about some mature stuff that is unsuitable for the too young. You might want to watch the videos without your parents in the room, or with headphones on.

With that over with, on with the show :)

Jigemun SoNyeoShiDae!Collapse )


Title: Warmth
Fandom: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Summary: Love comes less dramatically than you'd think.

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I hatelikelove You

Title: I hatelikelove You
Fandom: Original Fiction
Genre: Romance
Rating: PG
Summary: How can you feel so many opposing emotions for one person?

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Don't Do Weakness: Tiffany

Title: Don't Do Weakness (Part 2 of 3)
Fandom: Girls' Generation
Characters: Tiffany
Genre: Reflective
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1026
Summary: Tiffany doesn't do weakness.

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The Dream Of This Dreamer

Title: The Dream Of This Dreamer
Fandom: Super Generation
Characters/Pairing: Siwon/Tiffany
Genre: Fluff, little bit of angst cause I can.
Rating: PG
Summary: In Siwon's dreams he's just a boy and she's just a girl and they're free to love each other without consequences.
A/N: Inspiration taken from this song. I believe the title translates into, 'I don't have the words' or something similar. I felt like writing something in the same tone as the song, something almost sad but still soft, beautiful, light and also, of course, romantic. And the couple that comes into my head whenever I think this kind of effortless romance is SiFany. They just seem like they'd be that perfect couple, him all kind and gentlemanly and her all forgiving and made of happiness.

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Chocolate Love

Title: Chocolate Love
Fandom: Girls' Generation 
Characters/Pairing: The closest approximation I can give is S♥NE/SNSD. It'll make sense when you read it.
Genre: General, somewhat cracky too actually.
Rating: PG
Summary: A S♥NE's reaction to the Chocolate Love MV. 
A/N: This began as a pedo-off between snsdgo and me, needless to say he won. This is very different to anything I've written, but I hope you all enjoy it nonetheless.

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