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Sing a Song, Tell a Story.

1 March
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About Me...
KPop fanfic writer immersed in the S♥NE fandom. Expect a ridiculous amount of Super Generation fanfic featuring my OTPs (vehemently shipped) Leeteuk/Taeyeon, Eunhyuk/Hyoyeon, Siwon/Tiffany and Donghae/Jessica. Other pairings you might find in my fics are mainly in the WGM fandom, so Yonghwa/Seohyun, Nichkhun/Victoria and Jokwon/Gain. And every so often, usually at the behest of snsdgo, you can meander in and find some JeTi.

Writing is also my way of letting off steam and dealing with the crap that life deals out. My original fiction is a mix of fiction and fact; all of my original works stem from an event or a feeling that I needed to express but couldn't. As a result most of my original fiction tend toward being introspective and dark, quite different to my fanfic.

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